Address: 1315 Kipling Ave
Etobicoke, ON M9B 3N8
Phone: 416-231-1717


A warm welcome to the fellowship of CSI Church, Toronto. Thank you for taking your valuable time to visit our website.

We offer you the feel- at- home experience based on faith. You will discover the joy of being in the fellowship and warmth of the big family of CSI Church, Toronto, in spite of your worship traditions and practices.

The Church of South India, an amalgamation of the Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Church faiths, was inaugurated on September 27, 1947 at the St. George’s Cathedral, Chennai. It consists of 22 dioceses spread across the 5 States in South India. The CSI is the second largest ecclesial gathering in India.

The CSI Church, Toronto is affiliated to the Madhya Kerala Diocese of the Church of South India. The Presbyters are send by the Bishop in Madhya Kerala Diocese to serve the parish for a period of 3 years. We are closely associated with the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, and thus we are a part of the wide, Anglican Communion.

We invite you to experience the blissful, participatory nature of the congregation. Different activities in the congregation will certainly help you and your family to serve the Master more meaningfully.

Come, participate, experience and be blessed in your life as you live in a varied situation. We assure you of our sincere prayers, hearty fellowship and spiritual nourishment.

Come let us together magnify the Holy name of our Heavenly Father, witnessing Him fruitfully and meaningfully.

Rev. George Jacob