Address: 1315 Kipling Ave
Etobicoke, ON M9B 3N8
Phone: 416-231-1717

Messages from Bishops and Clergy

“…It is gratifying to note that the C.S.I. Church, Toronto, is celebrating its Silver Jubilee on 30 June 2012…It’s worth noting that in the situation of changing world context, our people are witnessing the Indian cultural spirituality…C.S.I is the sign of union of not only denominations, but of the community and humanity…As the C.S.I. Church, Toronto, is celebrating its silver jubilee, I call upon the members to rededicate for realizing a closer fellowship among the faithful and express the leavening effect in the community…”
– The Most Reverend G. Devakadasham, Moderator – Church of South India
“…How well I remember my visit to the Church of South India last year and the incredible warmth of reception there! We were overwhelmed by the welcome and the hospitality from all of the different churches…These qualities that we experienced in India are alive and well in the CSI Church in Toronto also…May your celebrations reflect the joy of the indwelling Holy Spirit as you mark 25 years of a life of devotion, of faith and fellowship in witness to the love of God in Christ Jesus…”
– The Most Reverend Colin R. Johnson, Archbishop of Toronto
“…From its inception, this committed congregation has been giving generous support to the diocese to accomplish various projects, spiritual and social. The Church is expected to live its life by serving the society and it is a matter of contentment that Toronto Church has been a symbol of Christian witness and ministry over many years…May the Almighty bless the fellowship more for an effective and fruitful ministry in the diaspora with renewed commitment in the days to come. God bless the endeavour…”
– The Right Reverend Thomas K. Oommen, Bishop- C.S.I. Madhya Kerala Diocese
“…It hardly seems possible that only a year ago I attended the launch of your 25th anniversary year with the extraordinary music and superb retelling of your history… Anniversaries are excellent times for parishes to reflect on the past and to honour the men and women on whose shoulder you now stand. I hope that you have had a chance to recall and think those who have given you this great legacy…You have a great future in front of you filled with the promises of God. May the grace, love, joy and hope of the Gospel dwell richly among you…”
– The Right Reverend Philip Poole, Suffragan Bishop, Diocese of Toronto, York-Credit Valley Area
“…I wish I were there to take part in the silver jubilee celebrations. This is a historic moment to remember. I feel a sense of awe and gratitude for the Malayalee pioneers whose dedication, hope and struggles created this community of faith. Over the years you have grown into a fully established Malayalam Congregation in Canada. The Diocese of Madhya Kerala is very proud of you…As you are celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the Congregation, it is my prayer that you will always be alive in your faith and witness in the years to come..”
– The Right Reverend Thomas Samuel, Bishop Emeritus C.S.I. MKD
“…I remember with gratitude to God and also am thankful to that congregation for inviting me to serve them as their pastor for a few months, till they got a new pastor from Kerala… I am thankful to the CSI congregation that they were willing to accept our services for seven years… The spirit of fellowship and desire to worship God should be maintained by all those who go abroad from their mother country. The CSI congregation in Canada has kept that spirit very well…Once again I wish all the best for the CSI congregation in Canada…”
– The Right Reverend K. Michael John, C.S.I. Bishop (Rtd), (Former Vicar 1994-2000)
“…I have had a very close relationship with your Congregation for over a decade. It was my privilege to visit you on several occasions, conduct confirmation services and also perform marriages. I have always enjoyed your fellowship and was happy to see your enthusiasm and vibrancy…I understand that you are developing a unique relationship with the Anglican Church of Canada..The CSI Congregation in Toronto, like the other CSI Congregations in North America, has a unique mission to help the North American churches to develop an ecumenical vision….This will be possible only if the CSI Churches become close to the churches here and share in the task of mission…I congratulate you for the steps you have taken in this direction…I wish you all blessings as you begin another phase of your journey as people of God.. –
-The Right Reverend Dr. A. George Ninan, Retired Bishop, Church of North India. New York

“…The CSI Church Toronto has been a symbol of Christian service and Mission and lit the torch of the gospel in the GTA..The jubilee year like this is an opportunity to remember with utmost gratitude what the Lord has done in our lives as individuals and as a community of Jesus Christ. It is also a time to move forward with confidence and renewed vision in the context of new challenges that is awaiting us in the future…I am so glad to know that CSI Church in Toronto is ecumenical in outlook and moving towards bringing novel dimension in its vision and ministry to the church and world at large. I pray that God will bless you richly as you enter into the new era in the life of the CSI Church Toronto…”
– Reverend Raju Jacob, Vicar CSI Christ Church, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India (Former Vicar 2008-2011)

“…I remember with thanks the days we spent joyously at Toronto from 13th March 2005 to 4th June 2008. The excellent love and care we received cannot be expressed in words…I appreciate the discipline, punctuality and dedication of the church choir, which lift it to the status of heavenly singers. As you celebrate your jubilee, renew your soul everyday and commit your life to the Kingdom of God…”
– Reverend T.J. John, Vicar St. Paul’s C.S.I Church, Nalunnakkal, Kerala, India (Former Vicar 2005-2008)
“…We remember with gratitude the fellowship we had with the Church members, during our stay between October 2000 and February 2005. It was an encouragement to see the cooperation and active involvement of the various departments such as Sunday School, Youth Fellowship, Women’s Fellowship and the Choir in the total functioning of the Church… We thoroughly enjoyed the carol rounds and the carol services during the Christmas season. The Choir deserves a special comment….Storytelling for the Sunday school children during the divine service, a unique feature of Toronto CSI Church, was a novel experience in my ministry… May God’s blessings be showered during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations and thereafter…”
– Reverend A.C. Cheriyan & Elizabeth (Maji), Tiruvalla, Kerala, India (Former Vicar 2000-2005)

“…With a thankful heart and sweet memories I remember the time spent at Toronto Parish..As a student of Wycliffe College I had to attend the college as a full time student and at the same time I could serve the parish over there for two years. I consider it as a great privilege to be the first Vicar of Toronto Parish from Madhya Kerala Diocese…Our worship services, Sunday School classes, Choir programmes, yearly picnics, Cottage prayer meetings and all other programmes helped the Congregation to strengthen in both spiritual and physical…May God help you all to carry out the Jubilee programmes and projects in a fitting manner…”
– Reverend Dr. Shajan A. Idiculla, Kerala, India (Former Vicar 1991-1993)

“…The primary purpose of the formation of the CS.S.I. Church, Toronto was to unite the C.S.I. families for worship and connect them with their mother Church in India…The C.S.I. Church, Toronto, has a dynamic role in the new millennium since it is the servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. In a nutshell, it has to orchestrate its high calling in the changing situations of our time locally, nationally and globally…The Church has to fulfill its prophetic role in the midst of complex situations of our time…May God bless the different activities of this worshipping community in the days ahead…”
– Reverend George M. John, Toronto, (Former Vicar 1987-1989)
“With profound gratitude to the one who has created us,sustained us and has given us glorious hope, love,prayers and blessings to all the dear ones in the vibrant community of believers worshipping at the csi church in toronto. What an awesome God we serve! It is indeed a very humbling experience to remember the day when we celebrated holy eucharist at the Wycliffe College,twenty five years ago! On this solemn occasion when you celebrate twentyfive years of serving the lord,may our Triune God’s amazing grace fill your hearts and minds.All the very best always in all ways!.”
– Rev. Thomas Ninan (First Vicar)
“Christ is making a church to display his glory – a communion of saints to enjoy him forever….We are glad to know that the CSI Church Toronto is completing 25 years of her spiritual journey, a pilgrimage to fulfill the ethics of the Kingdom of God and is called out from the world to serve the Lord….On behalf of the Congregation of Great Lakes, Detroit I extent our warmest wishes to Rev. Shaji M. Johnson (Vicar) and the members of the congregation on completion of the silver jubilee. Congratulations on all your work and I wish you best wishes in all future endeavors…”
– Reverend Jacob P. Devasia, Presbyter in-charge C.S.I. Congregation of Great Lakes, Sterling Heights, Michigan