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A Youth ministry is a Christian ministry that instructs and disciplines youths in:

  • What it means to be a Christian?
  • How to mature as a Christian?
  • How to encourage others to claim Jesus as their Savior?

It is achieved through teaching, relationship building and mentoring. The youth are an integral part of nearly every church’s ministry programming, and youth ministries continue to have a profound impact on the societies in which they exist.

The youth fellowship at CSI Church, Toronto consists of around 20 members. The ages between the members varies from those that are in school to the ones in college.

Youth Meeting Format

Youth Meetings are typically held on the 1st Saturday of each month.  The meeting is normally held in Church and sometimes changed when willing parents want to be involved by hosting a meeting.  Meeting details are announced in the church two weeks leading up to the meeting (when possible) as well as sent via email to all youth members and Achen.

The meeting agenda allows each Youth Meeting to have a defined structure. It aids in the main goals of these meetings: to allow each member grow spiritually through Bible study, and to strengthen the entire group in helping the church and our community.

The meeting agenda usually consists of an Opening Prayer followed by Praise and Worship, Bible study with discussion/activities, Prayer and Announcements. The meeting finally ends with refreshments and social time.

The Youth participates in various activities throughout the year. Some of the events from 2014 are:

Matin Services

Every 5th Sunday we start the service with Praise & Worship Songs led by our Youth. A time to praise and thank God for His countless blessings; to open our hearts with true love – till all knees come to bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is our Lord and our Savior!

Youth Choir

The church Youth Choir has performed many spiritually uplifting and dynamic songs on various occasions throughout the year such as the Youth Sunday, Ecumenical Christmas Program and the Christmas Carol Service.

Vacation Bible School

The Youth assists in the annual VBS, normally held towards the end of August.  Under the direction of Sunday School director, the Youth helps in creating a successful event, teaching the lessons to the students, and in directing the VBS activities.

Some of the activities that Youth led this year are:

  • Praise & Worship – 5th Sundays
  • Harvest Festival – Fun & games for the kids – October
  • Great participation in the Church Choir & Malayala Lokam

Youth  Fellowship Director – Mr. Hans Thomas Varghese