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Inter-Church Youth Meet up

Praise the Lord! In August the youth of our church had the privilege of spending time with five youth members from our sister church in Detroit, Michigan. They reached our church on Friday, August 23­­rd. We were all very excited to see Alan, Abe, Jerry, Sunil, and Santhosh. The next day, the youth met at church. Following an enjoyable barbeque lunch, we had a short meditation with Achen. Achen explained that as Christians, we must strive to live like Jesus. We should live a God-oriented life, humble ourselves before others, and defend ourselves from temptations with the Word of God. Afterwards, the youth headed to a nearby park where we spent some time outdoors in the favourable weather. It was all capped off with a delicious meal at Canyon Creek. It was a great way to end a fun-filled day. The Detroit youth attended our Sunday service the next day and joined our youth in performing the hymn, “Channels Only”.

As a youth group, this was our first inter-church youth event.  I look forward to more experiences like this in the near future and I pray that God will continue to guide and strengthen our youth.

Chris George