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Sunday School Anniversary – 2012

The Anniversary of the Sunday School was celebrated on February 12th, Sunday after the worship service. The meeting was presided over by our Vicar Rev. Shaji M Johnson. It opened with a prayer by Mr. Siby Jacob followed by a Bible reading by Mrs. Suja Sara Koshy. The report presented by the Sunday School Director Mrs. Raimole Joseph walked everyone through the year’s activities.

The senior students presented a skit titled, ‘Who built the wall of Jericho?’ The conversation presented in the skit initiated the thought towards mending their ways according to the word of God.

Later in the program, students presented their individual talents. It was their way of expressing gratitude to their wonderful Creator and Master. Parents who trained their kids, specially the junior ones deserve appreciation.

In his address to the students, Achen exhorted them to continue to be productive and effective Christians in their student life. Achen awarded the students for their commendable performance in the Annual Exam. The yearlong commitment of the teachers in this service was also acknowledged.
Thanks to Diani and Phil for their spirited and lively anchoring of the whole program.

The program concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Mrs. Ajin Varghese and prayer and benediction by Achen.